by Eliscia Filice
July 12, 2012
  • Intern Blogs

An Intern’s Experience – Jason Welch

Spring semester at schools recently came to an end and sadly a couple of our college interns headed back home for the summer. One of our Community Team interns, Jason Welch, was kind enough to write about his time here at Spartz Media. I wanted to share what he had to say with everyone. He was a pleasure to work with and we are going to miss him! I hope you enjoy his guest blog post:
Hey guys! So, just to get you up to speed, I recently finished my spring internship at Spartz Media working as a Community Team Intern. I'm a senior at Northwestern University, California native and captain of the wrestling team at NU. I've had a couple weeks now to look back and reflect on my time at Spartz Media. I have to say - I couldn't be more satisfied with my time there. I've heard plenty of horror - intern stories from my friends: massive coffee runs, meaningless work, etc. This was never the case at Spartz Media. Everyone was so friendly, and treated me with respect. One thing that stood out to me is how much my opinion counted. Every Tuesday, I would give a report of the Facebook fan page feedback (I was the moderator for all of our fan pages) and of Get Satisfaction, our customer service hub. My weekly reports caused aspects of our sites to change - my ideas actually made a difference. In all things, I was never treated as a lowly intern. I felt that I was working with people who valued my opinion, and who treated me with respect as a coworker. Let's talk about fun, a friendly work environment and a place where ideas, creativity and learning are nurtured. During my second week, our enthusiastic CEO Emerson Spartz, came over to my desk and handed me the book "Made to Stick." He told me he heard I was interested in writing, and would be doing some for Spartz Media. I started reading right away, and promised to return it later. Immediately, my learning and improvement were encouraged. I read the book on my L trips back and forth from Evanston. I never did return the book... so if we could keep this our little secret from Emerson, I'd appreciate it. I was balancing class, work and wrestling during my time at Spartz Media. And well, it was stressful at times. But as part of the Community Team, I always felt like everyone had my back and supported the things I was doing in and outside of the office. Without such a supportive work environment, I wouldn't have been nearly as happy this past spring. I loved what I was doing at Spartz Media, and who I was doing it with. Not to mention, outside of work there were company events: Cubs games, a Warrior Dash (aka a 5k though barbed wire, mud, fire and water), a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan, Tuesday Poker Nights and Sangria Thursdays. What more do you want?
You can follow Jason on twitter to stay up to date with his life and wrestling career!