August 2012

by Eliscia Filice
August 30, 2012
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An Intern experience as a coder: Weber Schulz – Test

I'm back with another Intern blog. This time it is from the other side of the office. Weber interned with the LXD (League of Extraordinary Developers). His experience at Spartz is much different than interning with the community team. Enjoy the read :)
It has been a few days since my last day as an intern at Spartz Media. Working at Spartz was definitely something that I had never experienced or ever expected to experience. It was probably one of the best summer jobs that a coder like me could ever ask for. I spent the whole summer hanging out with and learning from the League of Extraordinary Developers (which if you haven't heard of them, you should probably get on that). The amount of talent and creativity that I had to work with can't really be put into words. It was educational, inspirational, and an honor to work with them for ten weeks this summer. Not only did I get to have a ton of fun working with amazing people, I also learned a lot about web development and programming. I feel much more comfortable programming in PHP and Javascript since working with the Spartz dev team. During my time at Spartz I was able to create and add several new tools to the admin hub that exists to manage all of the sites in the Spartz network. I also worked with integrating third party API's into some of the sites to add new functionality and further enhance the user experience. This is just a few of the many things I was able to get involved in during the internship. With the fast development process at Spartz, a developer gets involved in a lot of things, and has the opportunity to experiment with fun technology more than they might at a larger company. (more…)
by Eliscia Filice
August 29, 2012
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Weekly Favorite: Some cute to get you through your day

Happy Wednesday! I'm here with some cute to get your through your day and the rest of the week.
I'm a huge fan of our site I love looking at the top pics or just browsing through new stuff. I always make sure to submit pics whenever I see something adorable! This one caught my eye this week! Hope you enjoyed it. (more…)
by Eliscia Filice
August 24, 2012
  • Employee Highlights

Employee Highlight: Larry

The past two weeks have had intern blogs but this week we are back with an Employee Highlight! This week the spotlight is on our HR General ✭✭ Larry Engstrom. When we were hiring last year we worked with a bunch of different recruiters but there was this one guy who was really good. We kept hiring all the people he recommended. It became obvious we should just hire him as our HR guy, instead of having him find us one...and that's how we all met Larry! Larry does an awesome job. He definitely deserves those two stars at the end of his title. He brings in awesome talent and does an excellent job of keeping the Spartz culture alive and promoting it to new hires. Larry is an avid sports fan. He is currently the commissioner of both our fantasy leagues in the office. He also grew up playing hockey and is a huge hockey fan. He keeps me updated when something big happens on one of my teams (not that much happens with the Columbus Blue Jackets or the Toronto Maple Leafs). Larry also runs the @spartzmediajobs twitter account. If you want to join the Spartz team as a full time employee or if you are in school or just graduated and want to join as an intern, Larry is the guy to talk to. Follow the account and stay updated on the positions we are filling! (more…)
by Eliscia Filice
August 22, 2012
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Weekly Favorite: Happy Wednesday, here’s a laugh

I don't know about you guys but this week is dragging on a little. I woke up angry that it was only Wednesday and then I drank a lot of coffee. Anyways, I needed to smile so I immediately remembered that today I get to pick the Weekly Favorite! As soon as I got into the office I went straight to a post that made me laugh very loud. I moderate That's So True and this one came up when I was approving stories the other day. I applaud Lianne from Ontario who created this. It made me laugh, and then made me laugh again when I went back to find it for my favorite:
I hope that made you laugh and I hope that has happened to you before. (more…)
by Eliscia Filice
August 17, 2012
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An Intern’s Experience: Elle

The summer is ending which means the summer internships are all wrapping up. Last week I shared Sarah Koler's experience on the community team, this week I'll share Elle's. The great news about this is that Elle won't really be leaving us. Elle finished her time as a Community Team intern but she will be staying on as an Associate Project Manager/Analyst. So even though she is not really leaving us, she wrote us a great summary of her time as an Intern. Here you go!
I headed over to the other side of the Spartz Media office last week - no longer an intern and ready to take my place among the developers. Let me clarify, no one was about to trust me with actually developing software. Thank goodness. Nevertheless my new duties require me to work closer with our 'devs.' And while I was sorry to leave the Community Team, I think things will work out just fine over here. With dinosaur action figures perched atop computers and a pile of nerf guns stacked up in the corner, if the dev side of the office (and the devs themselves) is anything (besides talented) it's fun. But let's rewind a little. I began working at Spartz as a Community Intern in early June. This was just two weeks after I graduated from the University of Notre Dame where I majored in Marketing and Television Studies. Already missing school, it was comforting to meet so many other ND and St. Mary's grads working at Spartz Media. Further, it was inspiring to be part of a company started by two ND grads, Emerson and Gaby Spartz, who are a mere 3 years older than me. Of course no matter their alma mater, everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly! (more…)