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We’re the team behind OMG Facts,, MuggleNet, and more. Our products educate, entertain, and inspire over 100 million people every month.

Spartz has been recognized as one of the best places to work for Gen Y. See our open positions, or follow us on Twitter (@SpartzInc and @SpartzJobs), LinkedIn, and Facebook for updates.

Why Work At Spartz


We believe you should come to work every day and feel like you're building something important. You spend half your waking hours at your job. If you don’t enjoy it, you’re basically half dead. Your work will be seen and used by millions of people. We don't have the pressures of client-work, so we're driven by our own motivation to build something awesome and change the world



Do what you're best at. First, we'll work with you to determine your strengths. Then we'll make sure you're spending most of your time on activities that complement your strengths.


Work with people who inspire you to be better. We believe if your teammates don't bring out the best in you, you're probably on the wrong team.


Everyone contributes ideas. We’re helping to write the rules of a blindingly fast-paced industry and innovation is the lifeblood of our business. Ideas are celebrated and innovation is everyone’s job here. We believe there’s a better way to do everything.


We’re committed to helping you reach your potential. This is the ideal environment to start your career and begin building the skills that will allow you to pursue your passion professionally. And we put our money where our mouth is: you’ll have an unlimited budget to spend on learning materials.

Things To Do At Spartz

Enjoy a variety of unlimited snacks. We have everything from hummus to pizza rolls!Take 20 paid vacation days.Spend $50 to 'Pimp Your Desk.' Your desk wall could look like this.

Nap. We have three very popular napping couches. Napping is encouraged to increase performance.

Get here easily. We have a convenient downtown location (next to the El/multiple public transit options)Play darts. We take darts seriously - we even have an entire web app dedicated to tracking stats.Improve your skills and grow professionally during one of the many book clubs offered at Spartz.Play ping pong.
Play with fish. We are the proud owners of some of the smartest and best-looking fish in the world.Attend a Spartz Scholar presentation to learn something new from a member of the team!Wear whatever you want.
Work with the League of Extraordinary Developers. @Spartz_LXD
Admire the stunning view of the Chicago skyline.Be one with nature. OK, it's a stretch, but we have tons of natural light from our huge, south-facing windows.Sit in a comfy chair and use a large monitor (or two).Be 15 feet tall. We have high ceilings in our loft office.

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